Month: January 2011

Mother Teresa Part 5

MOTHER TERESA: HER PEOPLE & HER WORK DESMOND DOIG COLLINS FOUNT PAPERBACK                        1976 PART III   Chapter 4: The First Sisters: Poverty their Dowry My earliest recollection of Mother Teresa is her attending to lepers in the slums of Howrah, a Calcutta suburb, that is in fact a twin city across the river Hooghly. If …

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Understanding globalization part 2

THE LEXUS AND THE OLIVE TREE UNDERSTANDING GLOBALIZATION THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN FARRAR STRAUS GIROUX 1999 PART II Chapter 3: … And the walls came Tumbling Down Chapter 4: Microchip Immune Deficiency Chapter 5: The Golden Straitjacket Chapter 6: The Electronic Herd PART TWO: PLUGGING INTO THE SYSTEM Chapter 7: DOScapital 6.0 Chapter 8: Globalution Chapter …

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Genetically Engineered Foods

Book review Joana Blythman, Britain’s leading investigative food journalist tells us in The Food We Eat: The Book You Cannot Afford to Ignore that “There are 3,000 or so genetically altered or ‘transgenic’ foods that have to date been tested worldwide. Unlike traditional breeding, genetic engineering permits scientists to move genetic material – DNA – …

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