Food from dryland gardens

FOOD FROM DRYLAND GARDENS AN ECOLOGICAL, NUTRITIONAL, AND SOCIAL APPROACH TO SMALL-SCALE HOUSEHOLD FOOD PRODUCTION DAVID A. CLEVELAND & DANIELA SOLERI CENTER FOR PEOPLE, FOOD & ENVIRONMENT                1991 Preface by James P. Grant, Executive Director, UNICEF Household gardens are an important part of the indigenous agricultural production system in almost all developing countries. For …

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Doubling water productivity in agriculture

PILLAR OF SAND CAN THE IRRIGATION MIRACLE LAST? SANDRA POSTEL NORTON/WORLDWATCH BOOKS                  1999 Preface by Sandra Pastel March 1999 The key challenge has been clear: How can we meet growing human needs for water without destroying the health of rives, lakes, and other aquatic systems that we depend on and that provide so many …

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Composting with worms

THE RODALE BOOK OF COMPOSTING DEBORAH L. MARTIN & GRACE GERSHUNY, EDITORS RODALE PRESS                        1992 Chapter 1: Composting Throughout History Composting is, in broadest terms, the biological reduction of organic waste to humus. Whenever a plant or animal dies it is reduced to an earthlike substance that forms a beneficial growing environment for plant …

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