Month: July 2011

The Ascent of Man Part 9

THE ASCENT OF MAN  JACOB BROWNOWSKI MACDONALD FUTURA PUBLISHERS                        1973 PART IX   Chapter 9: The Ladder of Creation The theory of evolution by natural selection was put forward in the 1850s independently by two men. One was Charles Darwin; the other was Alfred Russell Wallace. Both men had some scientific background, of course, but …

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Outgrowing the Earth Part 4

OUTGROWING THE EARTH THE FOOD SECURITY CHALLENGE IN AN AGE OF FALLING WATER TABLES AND RISING TEMPERATURES LESTER BROWN EARTHSCAN          2005 PART IV Chapter 2: Stopping at Seven Billion (Cont.) The demographic bonus In contrast to these countries whose future is fading, countries that have quickly reduced birth rates are benefiting from what economic demographers …

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