Mediterranean diet

MEDITERRANEAN DIET IN PRACTICE MANOS KAZAMIAS ADAM EDITIONS –PERGAMOS 2004 Back cover Manos Kazamias studied nutrition and Clinical Dietetics at the Charokopeion University of Athens, from which he graduated with honors in 1987. Subsequently he was awarded a scholarship and followed post-graduate studies at the University of Reading in England and at King’s College …

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Gloabal warming and food production

THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT HAROLD BERNARD HARPER COLOPON BOOKS            1980 PART II Chapter 4: The Return of the Dust Bowl (Continued) Wheat, rust, and prickly pears Wheat is the second most important US grain and comprises about 17% of our total grain production. There are seven different monthly mean precipitation and temperature variables that significantly influence …

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Food from dryland gardens

FOOD FROM DRYLAND GARDENS AN ECOLOGICAL, NUTRITIONAL, AND SOCIAL APPROACH TO SMALL-SCALE HOUSEHOLD FOOD PRODUCTION DAVID A. CLEVELAND & DANIELA SOLERI CENTER FOR PEOPLE, FOOD & ENVIRONMENT                1991 Preface by James P. Grant, Executive Director, UNICEF Household gardens are an important part of the indigenous agricultural production system in almost all developing countries. For …

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